22/8/2022 9:00

Fiscal Agenda nBanks: your appointments in a single virtual space

Policies, payments, collections or loans. Companies have many financial and fiscal responsibilities on their hands. To ensure that all commitments are met, a calendar can help. This is precisely one of the solutions integrated in the financial management software that nBanks makes available to customers.

Inserted in the Financial Management area of the application, the nBanks tax agenda allows you to see all deadlines, important dates and appointments on a single dedicated page.

Scheduling notifications is one of several possibilities that you have at your disposal with this digital calendar, to ensure that you are in control of everything. How? Basically, the calendar is synchronized with the Finance Portal, which allows you to automatically access your business' tax appointments.

Whether you need to formalize payments, write postdated checks or settle regular expenses, for example, you already know: Our financial calendar is a help and will make it easier for you to manage your fiscal responsibilities on a daily basis. Find out more at this link and try our platform for free.