João Ferrão

31/3/2022 9:00

Consolidation of the Open Banking and Open Finance concepts in Angola

nBanks and its partners Zenki Group and KPMG organized last March 31st, in Luanda, a knowledge sharing event that allowed to streamline and consolidate the knowledge of the potential of Open Banking so they can adopt, as soon as possible, this technology in Angola and thus significantly streamline the management of financial, banking and tax information of local companies.

The implementation of the Open Banking solution in Angola has several expected benefits which include a more complete service and faster access to customers, real-time information and the entry of new competitors into the market.

The aggregated information enables better decision-making, increased knowledge of the company's financial, banking and tax ecosystem, and drives the modernisation and digital transformation of the business fabric.

The technological services provided by this movement enable professionals who process banking information for financial consolidation and bank reconciliation processes to save hundreds of hours every month.

In short, it was a highly relevant event for Angolan business, where it was possible to understand the advantages of the Open Banking movement, having created the ideal conditions for them to take advantage of this innovative system that facilitates all business management.

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