19/10/2022 9:35

nBanks and SolidSoft form partnership to enhance synergies and new business

The nBanks formalized a partnership with SolidSoft, a company that provides software for condominium management. This collaboration will allow synergies and contribute to both entities to generate new business opportunities.

In practice, a direct integration between the two platforms was promoted. As the CEO of nBanks, Orlando Costa, explains, "SolidSoft customers will be able to speed up, in a revolutionary way, their banking information management and will benefit from a direct communication channel, without any contact entropy". The management of condominiums by SolidSoft users will thus become more efficient in financial and banking terms, with associated gains in time.

The adhesion of new SolidSoft clients to the management software will now be associated with "special discounts on the nBanks premium plan and in its module for accelerating bank reconciliations," adds Orlando Costa.

Hugo Ferreira, CEO of SolidSoft, also assumes the advantages with the integration of this open banking solution in the business with condominiums. "Current customers will benefit from a support service for checking accounts and enrich the software to attract new potential customers," he summarizes.

For nBanks, the gains are also palpable. Orlando Costa refers that the partnership in question allows the fintech to associate itself "to a software of national reference in solutions for management of the condominiums of its clients", being able to "present innovation as a fundamental piece for the differentiation of the brands". It is an opportunity that becomes more expressive with the potential to reach dozens of new customers - in this case, those who already use SolidSoft.

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