27/12/2022 10:15

nBanks software and the perfect marriage between accountants and clients

Contact between accountants and their clients - whether private or corporate - can be a difficult task to manage. Between disjointed schedules, bureaucratic requests, and late responses, the relationship between the two parties can easily fall apart. But we bring good news. By using a single platform - 100% online - this marriage will see the flame ignited again. 

Financial management software, specifically, is the key to ensuring accountants and clients have access to the most valuable raw material: information; banking information. Platforms like nBanks, for example, allow both groups to be present in a true shared financial ecosystem with mutual benefits.

At competitive prices - ranging from €1 to €7 per month - both user groups benefit from the necessary centralized and up-to-date tax and banking information, as well as the ability to enter documentation, comments and notes. Via a digital chat, they can exchange views even more briefly. 

This close articulation brings obvious gains, on the one hand, in the day-to-day operations of accountants and auditors: they can speed up bank reconciliation processes, with significant time savings; they have the possibility to export bank information to any other software/ERPs, through the nBanks API; and, even more advantageously, they can build a fully customized client portfolio, regardless of geography, in a "Pay as you go" scheme. 

On the clients' side, the advantages are equally tangible. Besides ensuring a more personalized follow-up, they can consult, in an integrated way, different bank accounts and access digital statements with unlimited and permanently accessible cash flow history. This benefit becomes even more significant in the case of corporate clients. The same corporate group can now integrate different entities into a single profile with dedicated access, which allows them to know in greater detail the financial health and commitments of each business. 

In a more agile, efficient, intuitive and secure way, a relationship that was previously misaligned is harmonized. Regardless of your role - accountant or client - you can learn exactly how to benefit from nBanks software with our support. Try it for free and download our digital infographic with an overview of the advantages of this financial ecosystem.