28/9/2022 10:20

Seven advantages of financial management software for accountants

Time is among accountants' most valuable resources, but in most cases it is not enough. We recognize the difficulties. On a day-to-day basis, the work routine can be frantic: there are deadlines to meet, manual processes to consider, and a stack of files to read and re-read. The difficulties can affect productivity, but there is a help: technology.

Through financial management software, increased productivity is guaranteed. This is the solution that nBanks provides to streamline your duties as an accountant. Discover the 7 great advantages of our 100% online platform to gain the time you need at work and, of course, for your social life.

More customers and more business

Because of the time savings, you'll find it easier to free up work for other potential clients. This boosts productivity, and you can build a tailor-made client portfolio, adding as many clients as you want at any time and in any geography, as the platform works in cross-border mode.

Basically, you can enjoy a "Pay as you go" (chargeable) consumption system, in which you purchase personalized services for each customer (with prices between 1€ and 7€ per month). What's more, you can activate and deactivate each consumption level whenever you want and easily manage your service map on the platform.

Internal Productivity

The nBanks management platform allows you to allocate as many employees as you want to the customers in your portfolio. This assignment of tasks will also translate into time savings, since each employee will have access to the data provided by the customers, instead of having to contact them for information.

Efficiency and more freedom

By condensing all the banking information of your various customers into a single platform, you will save hours of work in querying, collecting and managing the necessary data. Remember: you can do it anytime, anywhere. Customers themselves have the possibility to share relevant documents and comments with you.

Mutual benefits: accountants and their clients win

Being a Software as a Service (SaaS), in our application, you will have access, in real time, to your clients' tax and banking information, in an aggregated and shared environment, with chats and digital files.

These features ensure a mutual benefit: you win as an accountant by speeding up bank reconciliation for each client, saving time and resources; and the clients win - to whom you can provide our technology at very competitive prices through an easy invitation system. On the other hand, clients are more effectively tracked.

Ease of management for customers

By making the nBanks platform available to each of your customers, you will give them the freedom to more easily access their personal bank accounts and get management information dashboards through the app's interactive bank statement feature, in particular.

Greater task control

The duties you perform can be very diverse. Between managing collections or loans, tax responsibilities and other various commitments, there can be many dates to consider. The good news is that through the application we have at our disposal, you have access to a tax agenda that helps you manage and meet all those important deadlines.

Environmental sustainability

With all the tools you need in a 100% virtual space, you will be abolishing the use of paper or ink cartridges, for example. Everything can be solved remotely. The environment thanks you and you also win, especially if you avoid having to spend fuel for travel.

With these benefits present, you can now access our platform and start saving the time and resources you need to be more efficient. Try it for free.