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Financial and Tax Agenda

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Functionality Description

This is the nBanks Financial and Tax Agenda, a feature inserted in the Financial Management area that allows you to see all the financial and tax commitments of your business on a single page, you can even schedule notifications on each of the activities, so you never miss an appointment again!
This functionality works through the integration with the Finance Portal, which automatically includes the fiscal and tax commitments of your business in this Agenda.
This way you can enjoy integrated information in order to allow greater agility in the daily management of your business.
Among some topics in the agenda you can put postdated checks, payments to be made, usual expenses in your cash cycle, among other types of costs and income.

How to use

Step 1:

Access the Integrations Feature;

Step 2:

Integrate the entities: Bank of Portugal, E-Fatura and Portal das Finanças (See how to perform these integrations quickly here);

Step 3:

Access the Cash Management Feature;

Step 4:

Click on Financial Agenda;

Step 5:

Click on create new activity to insert a financial or fiscal commitment, which can include information on collections, policies, payments or any other type of activity;

Step 6:

Configure the activity by entering information about it in the areas indicated;

Step 7:

Set the reminder for this activity;

Step 8:

Click Add.

And that's it, you've included your first activity in the nBanks Financial and Tax Agenda!
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