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Profile and Access Management

Here you can register Companies that are under your management and control the Users with whom you want to share your banking information. For an even more complete management, we have also prepared integrations with other digital platforms.

Registered Companies
User Management
External Share
Client Portfolio

It includes essential features for the accountant who needs to manage the financial information of more than one client or company on a daily basis, namely:
- The consultation of your client’s banking information with notes and documents;
- Chat and digital Archive with each of your clients;
- Simplified banking reconciliation;
- Export harmonized banking information to any Software/ERP;
- Wallet of clients easily adapted to the needs of your business;

Add Clients
Customer Data
Customer Management
Allocation Management
Bank Accounts and Transactions
Consult Bank Risk Index
Smart Search
Update All Accounts
Export Documents
Financial Agenda
Shared Documents
Communication Hub
Financial Management

Aggregate your business's bank accounts and enjoy pre-categorized bank movements to each you can attach notes and documents.
Create custom accounts for departmental management and take advantage of a Financial Agenda to track payments and other relevant business activities to which you can program notifications.
Benefit from a quick view from all your accounts with the nBanks interactive Dashboards and export your information easily to any Software or ERP.

Add Accounts
Update Accounts
Account Details
Account and Access Management
Employee Expense Management
Categorize Movements
Add Notes to Movements
Attach Documents to Movements
Pending Validations
Management Dashboards
Export Files
Harmonized Files
Financial Agenda
Map of Credit Liabilities
Map of Tax Liabilities
e-fatura integration
Smart Product Search

Banking Products search , adjustable to the specific needs of your activity by allowing access to the most representative lists of offers from the financial market. Each product has a detailed description which you can easily access to get more information. If you liked the Product that you’ve seen you can always save the simulation to view it again later.

Search Filter
Results List
Additional Information
Contact Us
Save Simulation
Banking Risk Index (BRI)

Get to know where your business stands in the light of the criteria commonly used by financial institutions. Access the BRI details so you can better understand how it works and consult its evolution throughout time. This tool also allows you to simulate a future BRI Score for your Company.

Get to know the BRI
BRI Current (Result)
Evaluation Factors
BRI Details
BRI Simulation
Communication Hub

A centralizer of all your negotiations, simulations, and business proposals, with all of its details, always accessible and easily sharable.

Simulations History
Simulation Details
Export Simulation
Media Center

An area with current fiscal, financial and banking content.

Information Search
Information Filters
Exclusive Contents

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