Automatic identification of
Originators and Beneficiaries

Take advantage of nBanks' AI and Multi-Border Machine Learning to automate the identification of payers and payees in all your company's bank transfers.

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More than 3,000 business users benefit from this state-of-the-art technology

How does it work?

Identification of payers and beneficiaries

Take advantage of nBanks' AI and Machine Learning to automate the Identification of Originators and Beneficiaries in all bank transfers.
  • Creation of ML rules that make nBanks adapt to your business reality
  • Activation of complementary Robotic Process Automation system
  • Easy control dashboard integrated with all your bank statements
  • Integrate all the information via API to import into your software or ERP
  • Geographical diversity for any business context

What our customers say

"Since we started using the nBanks platform, we have seen a significant transformation in our organization's efficiency in allocating resources. With more than 200 bank accounts under our management, spread over a universe of more than 70 entities with a substantial bank financing component, the challenge of maintaining financial control has always been quite complex. nBanks offered us a robust solution that not only simplified this process through immediate access and control of bank account balances and movements, but also allowed us to mitigate risks effectively. This tool has been fundamental in guaranteeing agile and secure financial management, contributing significantly to the success and financial stability of our Group."

João Pereira Martins

CFO ECS Capital

"Possibility of central control and access in real time to 285 bank accounts held in various 33 operations in 16 countries. Possibility of automating cash-flows for 33 operations in 16 countries. By automating a number of previously manual processes, possibility of redesigning a number of processes allowing us to free up our employees for tasks with greater added value."

Pedro Sá

CFO Mota-Engil Africa

Main benefits

- Operational Efficiency: Significant reduction in the time needed to process banking transactions
- Automation of the process of identifying payers and beneficiaries, eliminating the need for manual intervention.
- Error Reduction: Minimization of human errors during the process of identifying payers and beneficiaries.
- Greater accuracy in identifying and verifying transaction information
- Regulatory Compliance: Strict compliance with financial and anti-money laundering regulations.
- Reduced risk of non-compliance with banking rules and regulations.

Security and risk management as your main allies

Security measures

. 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)
. Restricted and audited IP addresses
. Device management and tracking
. Data encryption
. HISCOX Civil Liability Insurance (Policy number: 2527551)
. Audit Log and Access Segregation

Permanent Audit

. Cybersecurity Management
. Security Code Review
. Penetration Testing
. Secure Architecture
. Threat Modeling

100% Cloud

. Microsoft Azure
. ISO/IEC 27001

Open Banking License

. GoCardless authorized Open Banking license, Banco de Portugal Financial Institution Code: 5655

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