The Financial Ecosystem

customised between

Accountants and their clients

Advantages Accountants/Auditors

- Banking information facilitated by customers with comments and documents;

- Chat and digital archive shared with each of your customers;

- Simplified bank reconciliation for each of your clients;

- Export harmonized banking information to any Software/ERP;

- Build with ease a portfolio of clients that suits your needs.

Advantages for customers

- Centralized and updated banking information;

- Interactive digital extract with innovative search tools;

- Sharing documented financial information with your accountant;

- Group companies integrated in a single profile with different accesses;

- Access to all other nBanks features for a more complete management.

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Innovative features for your daily management


- Consult your clients' banking information;

- Share relevant messages and documents;

Registered Companies

-Integration of several companies in the same nBanks account;

- Separated access to the banking information of your businesses;;

Financial Management

- Integrated consultation of Bank Accounts;

- Categorisation and documentation of movements;

- Unlimited Bank History, always accessible;

- Easy and simple process for managing bank credentials and accesses;

Financial and Fiscal Agenda

- Management of charges, policies, loans, fiscal responsibilities, and other commitments of your business;

- Schedule notifications in all your activities;

- Management of your customers' Fiscal Agenda;

Product Search

- Quickly and conveniently collect all the available offer for your financial research;

- Choose exemptly the best option for your business or for your clients;

Banking Risk Index

- Know how your customers' businesses can be evaluated by financial institutions;

- Solidify your arguments to start negotiations in better conditions;

With the nBanks API you can also integrate your business banking information directly into your management software.

Get to know our solutions built to streamline daily Customer management processes.

In the Premium Plan we include all nBanks functionalities adapted to the needs of those who have to manage a portfolio of clients. So that accountants and auditors can enjoy a complete solution that allows them to consult and manage the financial and banking information of their clients in a fast, intuitive and secure way.

Choose the plan that best suits your business:

An ideal Plan for accountants and auditors to manage their client portfolio, which allows:

- Include all your clients in a differentiated way in your Portfolio for quick management;

- Associate up to 2 employees in the same Profile;

- Share messages and documents with each of your clients, with a maximum of 10GB;

- Also benefit from a 1 month discount in the annual subscription of these services;

A customised plan, built to your needs, you can for example:

Have more than 2 collaborators associated to the same profile;

- Have more than 10GB of data storage;

- Add more companies to your nBanks Profile;

- Build a specific portfolio of clients;

Make your Customised Plan now:

The Platform that adapts to your services
For you to take even more advantage of these services, we have created the possibility to expand your customer base on nBanks, whenever you want, by subscribing to one or more packages of 5 clients, for an additional value of 25€/month per package.

How do you take advantage
of your investment?

- You save time in collecting your clients' financial and banking information;

- You innovate by applying the practice of mutual digital archives, saving resources such as paper, ink cartridges or even fuel for you and your clients;

- You increase the efficiency and agility of your teams work;

- You have the possibility of providing your clients a useful software at very competitive prices;

- If you choose the annual payment method you save the value correspondent to a month.

Simulate your personalized plan here

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Additional notes:
-Premium plan from 29.99€/month;
- 1 month offer on annual subscription;
To the values presented add the value of VAT in force.
You can also know all the nBanks Plans by consulting our price list.

How to get the most out of nBanks?

Consult our price list to subscribe or try our Premium Plan, specific for accountants and auditors. If you prefer, you can contact us to create a customised plan.
Your nBanks account is created, having now access to all features.
At any time you can add more clients to your portfolio by simply clicking Add Client to your Portfolio and following the process.
Each of your customers is provided with an nBanks access credential, and they can easily begin sharing their financial and banking information with you.
We are always close to you.
If you have any questions you can always contact us through the customer support chat.

Premium Assistance

We put a dedicated manager at your disposal to help you implement the nBanks services directly in your accounting office and to assist your clients so that they also get the most out of the plan you are providing them.

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Start building this Ecosystem with your customers

- Consult your customers' banking information at any time;

- Save resources and hours of work;

- Banking reconciliation process facilitated;

- Digital archive and Chat shared with each one of your customers;

- Easy follow-up of your customers' financial needs;

- Export your customers' harmonized banking information to any Software;

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