Fast, agile and intuitive bank reconciliation directly in your ERP

Discover the nBanks for Business integration modules, ready to include in ERPS:

Primavera Banking Integration Module

Conveniently do the bank reconciliation of your business, easily, quickly and intuitively in Primavera environment.

PHC Banking Integration Module

Easily, quickly and intuitively reconcile your business banking in a PHC environment.

What data can you integrate?

The nBanks integration module allows any company to include its nBanks account information directly in its existing Management Software, thus sharing the following data:

- Registered Companies by user;
- All accounts aggregated to each company;
- Account balances and movements;
- Notes, comments and categories for each transaction;
- Information from group companies;
For you to take even more advantage of these services, we have created the possibility to expand your customer base on nBanks, whenever you want, by subscribing to one or more packages of 5 clients, for an additional value of 25€/month per package.

What are the advantages of integrating your software?

- It streamlines financial and banking management by accessing all this information in the same place;

- The integration of several companies in the same nBanks Plan, in order to facilitate their management;

- Intuitive and simple navigation, with the possibility of categorizing movements and adding notes and documents to each one;

- Financial transactions semi-conciliated automatically;

- Quick and intuitive search for specific movements in each of your statements;

- The possibility of using nBanks information in any software or management platform very easily;

How to Get It?

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm already an nBanks customer, what do I have to do to benefit from this integration with my ERP?

It's simple, just buy the module you want by ordering it through the Marketplace.

If I'm not an nBanks customer, what do I have to do to benefit from this integration with my ERP?

It's simple, just buy the nBanks plan and the module you want when you place the order through the Marketplace.

How long does the integration module take?

The integration module lasts for a year and is associated with the nBanks plan, so both will have to be renewed annually to continue to benefit from the integrated information.

What is the price of the integration module?

The price of each of these modules varies depending on the ERP in question and the type of nBanks plan subscribed to. You can ask the respective nBanks partner associated with the ERP you have selected to consult the prices.

Who sells the integration modules available on the nBanks Marketplace?

The integration modules are marketed by nBanks partners duly identified in the Marketplace, with nBanks being responsible for the interconnection between the module subscriber and the respective partner.

To have the nBanks information updated and integrated into my software, do I need to have an nBanks plan at the same time?

Yes, in order for the information to be constantly integrated and updated in your ERP, the nBanks plan and the module must be active.

Is it possible to subscribe to a module for my personalized nBanks plan?

Yes, an integration module is available for all nBanks customers, including those with a Custom plan. It just depends on whether your ERP/Software is available in the nBanks Marketplace. If this is not the case, you can contact us to see if it's possible to integrate with another software/ERP.