The Power of Open Banking
for Companies

Subscribe to an nBanks plan for your business(es) and enjoy the associated benefits:

Consult, in an aggregated and independent manner, every bank account;

Access to an unlimited and always available banking history;

Interactive digital extract with innovative search tools;

Group companies integrated in a single profile with different levels of access allowed;

Sharing documented financial information with your accountant;

Management of all banking and financial matters of your business, in a single software;

Easy integration of information in any Software, which provides a holistic view of all accounts;

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The Integrated Management of all your businesses

Registered Companies

-Integration of several companies in the same nBanks account;

- Separated access to the banking information of your businesses;;

Financial Management

- Integrated consultation of Bank Accounts;

- Categorisation and documentation of movements;

- Unlimited Bank History, always accessible;

- Easy and simple process for managing bank credentials and accesses;

Financial and Fiscal Agenda

-Manage collections, policies, loans, fiscal responsibilities, and other commitments of your business;

-Schedule notifications on all your activities;

Shared Chat

- Share messages and documented financial information with your accountant in real time;

Product Search

- Collect quickly and conveniently, all the available offer for your financial research;

- Choose, in an unbiased way, the best option for your business;

Banking Risk Index

- Know how your business can be evaluated by financial institutions;

- Solidify your arguments to start negotiations in better conditions;

With the nBanks API you can also integrate your business banking information directly into your management software.

A Solution built to facilitate the Financial and Banking Management of any business!

We have tailored the nBanks services to the needs of every type of business! With the Essential, Plus and Expand Plans you can take even more advantage of the nBanks features. Choose the plan that best fits your business:

Ideal plan for SMEs, with access to all the essential nBanks features, allowing:

- Between 1 and 2 companies

- Up to 2 users

Ideal plan for those who have to manage large companies, with all their financial information integrated in the same nBanks account, and with the following additional features:

- Between 1 and 4 companies

- Up to 6 users

Plan for those who have to manage business groups, aggregating all their information in a single access, and can also:

- Between 1 and 8 Companies

- Up to 9 users

If you need to:

- Have more than 8 companies

- Plan customized to your needs

How do you take advantage
of your investment?

- Save time in your daily management of financial and banking information, being able to integrate all this information automatically in your Software with the nBanks API;

- Institutes the practice of digital archiving with your accountant, making your relationship more efficient and saving resources like paper, ink cartridges or even fuel;

- Increases the efficiency and agility of your work and your team, by sharing information quickly and securely;

- You will enjoy an unlimited bank history, where you can consult specific bank information on any date, without additional fees;

- If you choose the annual payment method you will save an additional monthly fee;

- You will benefit from simple and practical search filters that also allow you to manage your time wisely.

How to get the most out of nBanks

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Meet the nBanks API!

The key that integrates your business' financial and banking information directly into your managing Software.
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this Ecosystem

- Consult all the bank accounts of your business, on the same screen;

- Increase the efficiency and agility of your work and of your team;

- Acess and organize all the financial and fiscal commitments of your business;

- Know how your business(es) can be evaluated by the Financial Institutions;

- Search quickly and intuitively the banking products that best suit the needs of your business;

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