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Driven by the strong desire to strengthen exemption, transparency, and simplicity in financial activity, nBanks was born. The financial management software that aggregates essential banking services so that all companies, accountants, and business advisors, can save more resources and time. This is independent Open Banking. Welcome to nBanks!

Our mission is to transform the financial management of all types of businesses, with exempt, clear and centralized information, simplifying accounting processes and simultaneously impact positively on the environmental economy with disruptive and accessible technology for everyone.


Ricardo Vieira

Co-founder and CTO

Orlando Gomes Costa

Co-founder and CEO

Nuno Oliveira

Co-founder and CFO

Social responsibility policy

In order to provide a constant evolution of its activity, based on a socially responsible performance, nBanks invests in several areas that it considers essentials:

Financial Literacy

It is decisive to strengthen the levels of financial literacy throughout the population, to better understand the existing offer of banking products and services, as well as to know how to deal with negotiations on various fronts. This principle of nBanks is materialized through the Media Center area in Portugal, which is fed by content of various types, such as news and articles and its regular participation in conferences and academic seminars.


We are strongly committed to research and development (R&D) in order to expand financial knowledge, taking advantage of the important academic and research role of universities linked to economic, financial and management sciences, with which we have established partnerships. In addition to providing users with information on what is best done at universities, we aim to work together with students to explore new ways to help develop the business market.

Human Resources

The diversity of knowledge, know-how and professional experience present in the nBanks team, makes use of the different hard and soft skills of the various members in order to enrich the value proposition presented to its clients. We coach and place young professionals in the business market with the transmission of values, principles and knowledge that allow their rapid integration into the business context.

Innovation and technology

The services presented are developed internally from scratch in order to provide its users with the most secure solution and best suited to their needs. Having the customer as focus, nBanks seeks to give him total control over the operations and transmit all the necessary information so that he can make his decisions in an independent and calculated way.

Sustainable development

The evolution of nBanks services is based on the compliance with the 17 sustainable development goals recommended by the UN. Beyond defending social equity, promoting freedom of choice, and obtaining essential information for good decisions, we also leverage a voluminous saving of paper and its derivatives with our digital archive in favor of our clients. We also enable them to make significant savings on fossil fuels by drastically reducing the travel they usually have to do in the course of their business, particularly in the processing and delivery of accounting documentation.

We also help our customers to be able to maintain their service levels at full capacity, even in the face of the constraint imposed by Covid-19.

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