13/10/2022 9:25

The gains from categorizing and documenting financial information

Among the biggest advantages of financial management software is the possibility to access quality and properly organized banking information. To further enjoy this benefit on the nBanks platform, there are two features you can use: categorization and documentation. See how both can help you.


Through categorization, you can "tag" all your bank movements and improve your financial reconciliation . The nBanks software even recognizes transactions that are identical to others already categorized and automatically assigns this categorization through an intelligent system. It's an additional way to save time organizing data manually.


The agility of bank reconciliation is enhanced with the documentation feature. As the name suggests, this option allows you to attach documents - in a variety of formats - to each of your transactions, so that you can once again improve the organization of all your banking activity. To make your work easier, you will be able to access interactive statements that bring all this data together.

By trying our platform, you will get a clear idea of these advantages. Join for free and start saving the time and resources you need to be more efficient right now.