João Ferrão

23/6/2021 10:23

nBanks in the Top Portuguese Startups in 2021

Startup Stash presents "Top Portuguese Startups to watch in 2021"

Startup Stash presented last 17th June the article "Top Portuguese Startups To Watch in2021", an article that intends to show the main Startups in the Portuguese market and provide more information about them and the services they provide.

nBanks has been referenced in this article as an example of a Startup in the Fintechs industry. Here a brief description of the history of nBanks and its services is given, including a quick reference to its past investment programmes.

Check out the full Startup Stash article via the link:

We remind you that nBanks offers a 15 day trial period, for any new business customer, find out more through the link: